Nexenta Deepens its Partnership with Veeam via Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Nexenta Supporting Large Scale Backup, Archive, and Disaster Recovery Environments from Enterprises to 5G-driven Telco/XSP Clouds

Nexenta Extending Support from Enterprise to Cloud-Native Apps via both Scale-Up and Scale-Out SDS

SAN JOSE, CA – February 5th, 2019 - Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), today announced NexentaEdge, Nexenta’s Scale-Out S3-based SDS solution for Cloud Native Applications, fully supports Veeam® Cloud Tier, part of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4™. Nexenta previously achieved Veeam Ready Repository status for NexentaStor, Full-featured SDS for Enterprise Applications.  By offering additional support for this new Veeam Backup & Replication™ capability, customers can confidently leverage Nexenta storage for backups both on-premises and in the cloud.

“Many enterprises across the globe – even smaller hubs and remote branch offices – are looking to cloud architectures to lower backup and disaster recovery (DR) costs,” said Ken Ringdahl, Vice President of Global Alliance Architecture at Veeam Software. “Our ability to work with alliance partners, like Nexenta, through Veeam Cloud Tier enables our customers and service providers to integrate with broader architectures. In the end, we’re able to deliver a simple and effective solution while still ensuring a lower TCO without proprietary hardware platform lock-in.”

NexentaEdge provides scale-out object, file and block storage services optimized for performance on all-flash and hybrid configurations, and are tightly integrated with OpenStack, Docker, and Kubernetes environments. NexentaEdge customers benefit from strong cryptographic checksums and patented Cloud Copy-On-Write technology to guarantee data integrity and provide both advanced self-healing capabilities and enterprise storage functionality such as snapshots clones and object versioning. Combined with Quick Erasure Coding, explicitly designed to eliminate the performance penalty of erasure coding and enable high throughput workloads on encoded data, the solution is an ideal platform for low-cost petabyte archives.

With support for Veeam Cloud Tier, Nexenta strengthens existing solutions to provide a complete portfolio for backup storage. Some benefits include:

  • Cost-effective and scalable NFS primary storage for backup data repositories.
  • Ability to mount synthetically rehydrated backups from NFS storage to provide direct access to backed up Virtual Machines.
  • A cloud-scalable solution designed for archiving backup data through S3 object API's, complete with strong data integrity and self-healing capabilities.
  • Data replication technology enabling mobility across data centers or to the public cloud.

"Thanks to Veeam, our customers can rest assured that their data is quickly and safely protected. With NexentaEdge support for Veeam Cloud Tier, customers can deploy high-performance, reliable and secure archival storage on-premises or in public cloud environments,” said Thomas Cornely, Chief Product Officer at Nexenta.

Together with Veeam, Nexenta offers customers a single solution for enterprise-grade capabilities across all tiers of target storage, from high-performance production-grade configurations to archival backup, so companies can continue to deliver services from tertiary systems while backing up their primary systems.

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About Nexenta 

Nexenta is the original market maker and leader in Open Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) market for multi-cloud enterprise environments; with nearly 3,000 enterprise customers, 300 partners, 50 patents, and more than 2,000 petabytes of storage capacity under management. Nexenta   democratizes one of the most oligopolistic hi-tech market segments nearing $120B in size by 2020. Nexenta uniquely integrates its hardware-agnostic software-only OpenSDS innovation with deep “open source” collaboration via some of the most active communities with thousands of members worldwide. Nexenta flexibly enables a wide variety of legacy, enterprise and next-gen cloud-native apps, on any cloud platform, protocol and hardware infrastructure to power the most cost/performant cloud and traditional data centers. Nexenta portfolio is 100% software-based that can be used as a “Bare-Metal Appliance” on a partner hardware, as a “Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)” on a partner virtual machine or container, or as a cloud-based “Software as a Service (SAAS).” Nexenta provides enterprises with total freedom and flexibility via its industry-leading multi-cloud software innovation, multi-channel collaboration, distribution and enterprise-class support, 24x7x365, globally.

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