Backup & Archive

In thousands of deployments, Nexenta protects businesses’ vital data assets through state of the art archiving, backup, and recovery- while drastically cutting storage costs, reducing risk, simplifying management, and enhancing performance while providing flexibility to leverage the public cloud.


Key Benefits in Backup or Archive

Reduce Risk

High Performance and data integrity virtually eliminate everyday risk while hardware agnostic and public cloud solutions prevent future risk.

Simplified Management

Create and manage storage volumes with ease. Nexenta supports an unlimited number of snapshots, granular data recovery, and mirroring to alternative installations all under the centralized management framework, NexentaFusion.


Full featured

Enabled for the Public Cloud

Providing the reassurance and business continuity your IT requires. Consistent replication management across your data centers and Amazon's cloud


Lower Costs

Nexenta's storage software fits your business continuity goals and budget. Choose between options of deploying on bare metal, virtualized, or in the public cloud.

Nexenta for Your Primary Storage

Protecting the data in your storage environment is essential to your business. Nexenta provides the utmost in data integrity solution utilizing a 128-bit filesystem with multi-layer checksums, making for a self-healing file system. This combined with multiple levels of physical drive protection from mirrors to triple parity drives reduces the risk of loss of services. An enhanced fault management architecture also detects failures and false positives to minimize unscheduled downtime. These filesystem features used in conjunction with application layer protections and disaster recovery plans allow for consistent data presentations

Nexenta for Your Secondary Storage

When using Nexenta's software-defined secondary storage, you will replicate safer and faster for your disaster recovery and business continuity. Leveraging Nexenta’s enterprise software as a backup target allows you to deliver the services you need while reducing your storage costs within a modern management framework.

High-Performance Replication

NexentaStor 5 High-Performance Replication (HPR) provides full-featured, high-performance remote replication for disaster recovery over any distance. The NexentaStor 5 replication engine has moved to the operating system kernel for maximum performance and fine-grained control of Recovery Point Objectives. The result is a solution that supports two types of replication services:

  • Scheduled Replication (SR) – this is snapshot based scheduled replication. It is included in Enterprise Edition licenses and allows Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of 15 minutes and up. On systems with the additional continuous replication license option, SR can be configured for even tighter RPOs, as low as one minute.
  • Continuous Replication (CR) – this is continuous asynchronous replication that can deliver close to zero RPO over any distance without affecting application performance on the primary site. This feature is only available on systems running Enterprise Edition with the additional continuous replication license. CR works by asynchronously replicating every write transaction group on the source dataset.

Multi-Site Continuous Availability with NexentaStor MetroHA

NexentaStor MetroHA brings the cost benefits of Software-Defined Storage to the most critical business-critical applications. Building on proven ATTO FibreBridge from ATTO Technology to stretch a NexentaStor high-availability cluster between two sites in the same building, campus or metropolitan area, NexentaStor MetroHA delivers zero data loss and continuous operations in the event of site failures. The solution synchronously mirrors data between sites and ensures that in the event of a total site disruption, data services are restored at the remote site within a matter of seconds. NexentaStor MetroHA gives data center managers the ability to protect business-critical applications and eliminate the risk of data loss.

Leverage the Public Cloud with Nexenta for Your Backup Needs

Backing up data on a public cloud makes sense for multiple reasons that help save time and money. We all need to protect our valuable data assets, and for many industries, this means ensuring it’s off-site. Using AWS resources rather than buying or leasing another physical location grants you the elasticity of replicating data to another physical location just about anywhere in the world. By using AWS to house your data, you also have the optional additional benefit of setting up a contingency plan for the compute to host applications in the event of a disaster.

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