Flexible Storage Solutions

Nexenta® Software-Defined Storage (SDS) applied to the challenges you face today, integrated with the applications and workloads that drive your business

Nexenta storage software is installed in thousands of companies across the world serving a wide variety of workloads and business-critical situations. It powers some of the world’s largest cloud deployments, hosts some of the industry’s best entertainment content, serves vast quantities of government data across multiple continents and ensures that hundreds of thousands of medical records are kept safe and available at the point of service for healthcare companies located worldwide.

To do this, Nexenta works continuously to better integrate our products into the world our customers live in via collaborative R&D with technology partners at all levels including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Intel, Dell and Cisco as well as leading application and integration-focused partners for specific markets.

Review Nexenta solutions for the key workloads running in your data center including data protection, cloud, Big Data and virtualization or review Nexenta solutions by industry.

Nexenta Solutions Stack - Partner Integrations

Big Data

Today the explosion of data, driven by trends such as mobility, social media, and the "Internet of Things" presents organizations with the unique challenge of managing and extracting critical intelligence from it. SDS provides a flexible architecture for large data stores where critical data can be transformed into valuable business intelligence, fast.



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Data Protection

Protecting critical data has always been a high priority. Today, industries have evolved, data collection has increased, and so has tighter regulation. Data Protection is now key to competitive success and on-going operations. Nexenta® SDS solutions enable highly robust data protection that’s great for business growth and the bottom line.



By leveraging SDS solutions to take their first critical steps, leading practice teams can now embrace the latest trends around mobility, social media and the “Internet of Things.”


Nexenta Virtualization


Over 90% of companies have virtualized elements of their environment. They’re driven by a desire for greater efficiency, improved delivery of business services to support the requirements of a high-performance, cloud-enabled workforce.