5G Mobility

Service providers worldwide gear up for 5G mobility, enterprises make massive software-defined infrastructure and storage investments for 5G-ready Telco Clouds.

As service providers worldwide gear up for 5G offerings over the coming decade, Nexenta customers are making massive software-defined infrastructure and storage investments for full stack 5G-ready Telco Clouds, further validating the technical capabilities and business benefits of a commodity-based software-defined infrastructure. Nexenta delivers this to Telcos through our award-winning software, delivering scalable high-performance storage services to virtualized network functions and telco applications.

Key Benefits of Nexenta in 5G Mobility

5G mobility
Increase Agility & Efficiency
5G mobility
Decrease TCO
5G mobility
Reduce Complexity
5G mobility
Hardware Flexibility
Integrate into backends including OpenStack, VMware, and Hyper-V. Telcos can support the growing needs of a 5G infrastructure Get the performance and agility your Telco Cloud requires without the expense of traditional legacy storage solutions Standards for 5G set by organizations like ETSI, Telcos can leverage  Software-Defined Infrastructure, including SDS, to build next-generation Telco Clouds easier than ever before  Flexibility to define the certified configuration for the performance (All-Flash, Hybrid, or All-Disk) and vendor that is right for your business

Use Cases

With the power of 5G from Telco Clouds that are enabled through Nexenta Software-Defined Storage, Telcos make possible technological advances through 5G such as self-driving cars, 3D video and UHD screens on mobile devices, and the broader Internet of Things. This is thanks to Software-Defined Storage use cases such as:


High-Performance Cinder Block Services for 5G Cloud


High-Performance Manila File Services for 5G Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs)

Line of Business Applications

High Capacity Unstructured Data Storage for Operations Support System (OSS) & Business Support System (BSS) applications

Software-Defined Infrastructure is the Foundation for Next-Generation 5G Telco Clouds

Today's complex Telco Cloud face a new level of reliability, performance, and scalability to support the demand and rapid growth of mobile data traffic. With the evolution of 5G, Telcos have looked to organizations like ESTI, www.etsi.org, to assist in setting trustworthy and independent standards for best practices. Following these standards, many of the worlds largest Telcos have looked to the ESTI model of leveraging a Software Defined Infrastructure including Software Defined Storage to provide them the underlying architecture to deliver the cutting edge services their customers require. Below you will find the NFV reference architecture framework from ENTSI which includes the virtualized or software-defined infrastructure layers:

NFV Reference architectural framework

Source: ETSI Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Architectural Framework 

Customers Using Nexenta

5G mobility          5G mobility          5G mobility          5G mobility    
5G mobility          5G mobility          5G mobility          5G mobility     

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