Nexenta by DDN to Present Breakout Session: Deep Dive into Scalable & Seamless Data Management for Kubernetes with Rook EdgeFS, at KubeCon Shanghai 2019

From Edge to ADAS, Open Source Projects and EdgeFS Deliver Unique Storage and Data Management for Multi-Cloud Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—June 20, 2019— NexentaÒ by DDNÒ (Nexenta), the market leader in Software Defined Storage (SDS) for 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its participation at KubeCon 2019 in Shanghai, to speak on the power of open-source projects, creating multi-homed network configurations, and how Nexenta by DDN is powering China’s largest automobile company to run AI-driven Autonomous and Connected Vehicles. Speaking will be Dmitry Yusupov, Founder and CTO at Nexenta by DDN. The speaking session will be a KubeCon “Deep Dive” talk, and will take place on Tuesday, June 25, from 18:15 - 18:50 China Standard Time (CST).

With the huge increase of adoption of cloud computing, the vast majority of organizations now rely on the cloud architectures, which are often used alongside edge computing in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. As an industry leader, Nexenta by DDN has been invited to speak on this topic and will cover the capabilities and features of NexentaEdgeTM, Scale-Out SDS for cloud-native applications, in the context of cloud computing. NexentaEdge has the ability to use containers orchestration such as Kubernetes to deliver efficient and cost-optimized automation.

During the speaking session, Yusupov will go into detail on NexentaEdge and how it was built using EdgeFS and EdgeFS, an open-core multi-cloud era filesystem for geo-transparent data access, in combination with an open source cloud-native storage orchestrator for Kubernetes originally developed by Upbound called Rook, provides the framework and support for storage solutions to natively integrate with cloud-native environments. Last month, Upbound announced the first release of Rook 1.0 after a long history as an open-source project. Along with a demo on the EdgeFS and Rook project, this session will cover the impact and value of open source.

“As a cloud-native open-source community, we depend on contributors to aid in our success,” said Bassam Tabbara, CEO of Upbound and maintainer on Rook. “In combination with projects like EdgeFS, we can really see what can manifest from collaboration.”

With EdgeFS’s unique global and geographical transparency feature, data from IoT devices can be better analyzed with serverless computing functions executed on any topology, and at any physical location, without the need to worry about data consistency or validity.

“We saw the need for more efficient and resilient hardware and software server stacks needed for IoT cloud and edge computing,” said Yusupov. “To address this gap in the industry, we’ve launched EdgeFS, an open core data layer tailored for Edge and IoT use cases.”

A major example of the project success was revealed just this month, when Nexenta by DDN announced that NexentaEdge, built on EdgeFS and Rook, was chosen to power China’s largest automobile company, SAIC Motor Corporation. The technology now supports next-generation initiatives like SAIC's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Self-Driving Car R&D Platform and Internet Cloud Center – enabling SAIC Motor to dramatically improve efficiency, resiliency and flexibility across multiple areas of business.

With the functionality of EdgeFS, management complexity, performance problems and consistency of access to remote data set is solved. In addition to developing a baseline of products, EdgeFS has its eyes set on Alibaba integration support in an effort to connect China to rest of the world.

KubeCon brings all Cloud Native Computing projects together, joining leading technologists from cloud native communities to further the advancement of cloud native computing. Get more information on the Nexenta by DDN speaking session at KubeCon 2019 here:

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Nexenta by DDN is the original market maker and leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) for multicloud-focused enterprises and 5G and IoT-driven Telcos and SPs; with nearly 3,000 customers, 300 partners, 50 patents, and nearly 2,000 petabytes of storage capacity under management. Nexenta uniquely integrates its platform-agnostic software-only innovation with strong “open source” community collaboration. Nexenta flexibly enables a wide variety of legacy, enterprise, 5G and IoT-driven telco and next-gen cloud-native apps, on certified cloud platform, protocol and hardware infrastructures to power the most cost/performant multicloud data centers. Nexenta portfolio is 100% software-based that can be used as a “Bare-Metal Hardware Appliance,” as a “Virtual Storage Software Appliance (VSA),” on a virtual machine or container, or as multicloud-based “Software as a Service (SAAS).” Nexenta provides enterprises with total freedom and flexibility via its industry-leading multicloud software innovation, multi-channel collaboration, distribution, service and support, globally.

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