Leading Big Data Cloud Service Provider Relies on Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Solutions in Its Software Defined Data Center

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – December 9, 2014 — Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) (#softwaredefinedstorage), today announced the deployment and case study for EngineRoom.io®.  Based in Sydney, Australia, EngineRoom.io is a leading Secure Private Cloud Service for Big Data, offering not only compute cycles, but also a full range of tuning and other services for Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads.  Businesses from all industries come to EngineRoom.io, because it enables them to derive insight and revenue from their data by giving them the capacity to aggregate structured and unstructured data, to handle high-velocity streaming data, and to process large data sets at scale; the end result is a 500x improvement in “time to insight”.

“EngineRoom.io has built a successful and growing business across an impressive array of industries, from media and entertainment, life sciences, financial services, oil & gas, engineering and more," said Anthony Davis, VP/GM APAC at Nexenta. “We are very excited to be able to work with EngineRoom.io and help provide a solution that gives them a competitive advantage that is high-performance, scalable and economical.”

As the business began to grow in early 2013 they faced a critical build or buy decision to meet their expanding storage needs.  “We looked closely at between twenty and thirty different storage solutions, or hybrids thereof,” according to CTO Nicky Ladas. “We weren’t satisfied with any of them for a wide variety of reasons.  After extensive R&D and production testing at scale, we finally decided on Nexenta’s Software-Defined Storage offering.”

EngineRoom.io had to deal with massive amounts of data; but data that also fluctuated wildly based on platform usage. If you’re going to collect terabytes, and even petabytes, of business-impacting information, it needs to be stored properly.  Nexenta provided the Software-Defined Storage performance solution that met all of EngineRoom.io’s criteria.

“We made the decision to move ahead with Nexenta because they met our somewhat unique list of requirements we had in place,” said CEO Stefan Gillard. “We were pleasantly surprised, however, when the implementation came in at one-twentieth the cost of competing solutions.” 

NexentaStor is now up and running across multiple locations, with petabytes of data under management.  To make this possible, EngineRoom.io also partners with other leading Software-Defined Data Center solution providers including Brocade, SanDisk (FusionIO) and VMware along with Nexenta. 

Please refer to the EngineRoom.io case study for more implementation details.

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