Innovative Building Design and Construction Company Improves IT Performance with Nexenta’s Software Defined Storage

Santa Clara, CA and Almere, Amsterdam -  August 18th, 2014 - Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) (#softwaredefinedstorage), today announced that Architecten aan de Maas has chosen Nexenta for its new, mirrored, storage environment. By adopting NexentaStor, the architectural practice has been able to upgrade its storage and boost its performance capacity allowing all of its team to collaborate more effectively, quickly and successfully.

Nexenta addressed two key challenges for Architecten aan de Maas. The company was managing huge quantities of data every day – a typical project needs 25 GB of storage and then it must be kept on file and archived after the projects are completed. Architecten aan de Maas also needed to boost their infrastructure performance because the incumbent storage solution couldn’t meet the needed requirements.

Peter Hilkens, system manager with Architecten aan de Maas, explained: “We were busy virtualizing our physical servers while also improving our storage performance. The physical servers had reached their maximum capacity, so it was critical that we upgraded the entire storage environment. We needed a scalable storage solution with high read and write speeds, which would also be able to meet the future growth requirements of the company.”

After reviewing a number of storage suppliers, Architecten aan de Maas opted for Nexenta’s Software-Defined Storage solution, NexentaStor, combined with 4 HP Proliant 360 G6 servers.

“With NexentaStor’s High Availability feature we can now guarantee 24/7 accessibility to our storage,” noted Hilkens. “Given that our team creates and saves huge quantities of data every day, and that this data is mirrored across both locations for continuity purposes, it’s vital for us that our data centre is always available.”

The migration trajectory to the Nexenta platform was set up by IT service provider NLcom and was problem-free: “During the migration we didn’t have to do any physical unplugging, which was welcome and a bonus for us. With the old systems, if we needed to change discs and migrate data to their replacements, the storage servers were offline for at least an hour. The transition to Nexenta was flawless, and in the future too, adding and changing discs will be far easier and less disruptive.”

“Our success in vertical markets, such as the engineering industry, demonstrates the versatility and the universal added value that Nexenta brings to market. We are extremely happy to have provided an effective solution that can grow to match the anticipated storage needs of Architecten aan de Maas over the next five years and beyond. Together with our partners in the region, we will continue to help businesses across different market segments to manage and support their data growth,” concluded Jacco van Achterberg, Sales Director, Benelux at Nexenta.

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For more information about Architecten aan de Maas, please read their case study in Dutch here, and in English

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