Global Leader in Media Asset Management Runs its Hybrid Cloud on Nexenta Open Software-Defined Storage

Picturemaxx Serves Hundreds of Media Agencies with More Than a Billion Media Files in Production Storage

Picturemaxx AG now benefits from high availability, low latency and 100 percent uptime

SANTA CLARA, CA & Munich, Germany – April 28, 2015 -- Nexenta (@Nexenta), the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) today announced that Picturemaxx AG, a certified technology company and leader in Media Asset Management (MAM), supports its media management solutions with NexentaStor. Picturemaxx solutions are used to acquire, distribute, publish and market digital content. Nexenta’s flagship OpenSDS platform delivered a new, higher performance storage system, which guarantees 100% uptime, better scalability and budget benefits.

Picturemaxx has been the market leader for more than 30 years. The company’s high-end search engine my-picturemaxx aggregates the portfolios of several hundred photo agencies from all around the world and provides more than one billion saved media for simultaneous research.

At peak times, events like the Olympics or fashion week can trigger an upload of thousands of high resolution images. These images all need to be processed, scaled and rendered using Picturemaxx’ media database and infrastructure. The existing Linux-based Direct Attached Storage (DAS) was struggling to cope and during times of high media usage, performance and capacity issues became a concern. With its reputation on the line, the company needed a reliable storage system that could provide high availability and cope with the large workloads.

Looking to overcome its challenges, Picturemaxx turned to long-time partner Orange Server Concept (former Exus Technologies). Oliver Flathmann, Chief Production Officer at Orange explained: “Picturemaxx has very specific needs with an out of this world turnover of data on a daily basis and a unique system. Reaching high availability was of major importance along with high performance, high flexibility and advanced storage features like unlimited snapshots. There was only one sustainable solution: Nexenta.”

The installation was divided into several phases to implement a total of six storage clusters. The first three clusters based on HDDs were installed as primary storage for all media uploads and downloads. The next three clusters, based on SSD, were then installed to serve as a host for Picturemaxx’ business intelligence storage applications. The entire storage system now holds up to one petabyte in storage.

With NexentaStor, Picturemaxx’ IT infrastructure now has the flexibility and freedom to follow any upgrade path. NexentaStor provides massively scalable storage environments with a virtually unlimited number of snapshots, free versioning and high granularity of data protection.

By adopting Nexenta, Picturemaxx was able to implement the right solution for its needs with high performance, low latency, high availability and no vendor lock in. Christian Marntiz, Chief Information Officer at Picturemaxx, explained: “Going with one of the big vendors was not the right choice for us. Their business model does not serve us well as we need to be able to plan exactly how much we can spend. A very positive factor is also Nexenta’s support. We have found a partner that understands how unique our system is and it can offer us more flexible solutions than other vendors with their fixed product roadmaps.”

Mark Jordan, VP and GM, EMEA at Nexenta, commented: “The NexentaStor solution has helped to achieve the high availability and performance that the IT team at Picturemaxx required. The problems Picturemaxx faced are very common and it is important for all kinds of businesses to find a solution that will grow with them.  We are pleased to have helped solve Picturemaxx’ IT challenges.”

To learn more, download the Picturemaxx AG case study.

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