Nexenta OpenSDx Summit Series

On Thursday, August 28th, we held our annual, invitation-only U.S. event, Nexenta OpenSDx Summit 2014 in San Francisco. One of the technology industry’s leading executive forums, this year's Nexenta OpenSDx Summit welcomed Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with more than 500 CEOs, CIOs, investors, government agencies, and technology industry insiders at this annual invitation-only event. Held in conjunction with VMworld, Nexenta OpenSDx Summit featured a full day of thought-provoking sessions and discussions - combined with stellar networking opportunities.

Enjoy the videos, photos and news coverage of the U.S. Summit below. Please click here to see a recap of the 2015 Nexenta OpenSDx Summit. Please click here if you’d like to be considered to attend the 2016 Nexenta OpenSDx Summit in Las Vegas.


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OpenSDx Summit Series: Summary Video
OpenSDx Summit 2014: Hillary Rodham Clinton - CNN
OpenSDx Summit 2014: Hillary Rodham Clinton - KTVU
OpenSDx Summit 2014: Hillary Rodham Clinton - KGO
OpenSDx Summit 2014: Hillary Rodham Clinton - Compilation Video
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Opening Comments
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Carl Eschenbach
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Pat Gelsinger
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Muhammed Chaudry
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Janet Napolitano
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Sanjay Mehrotra
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Marius Haas
Nexenta OpenSDx Summit 2014 Keynote Speech by Hillary Rodham Clinton
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Charles Liang
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Mark Templeton
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Steve Milligan
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - CEO Panel 1
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - CEO Panel 2
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Guenther Dissertori
OpenSDx Summit 2014 - Closing Statements by Tarkan Maner
Enabling Workloads & Apps Regardless of Infrastructure - OpenSDx
Providing Common Platform for Service Delivery
Protecting Against Undetectable Bit Errors
Customer Focused IT Architecture
Keeping Technology at the Core of VMWorld
30 Billion Watts to Power All the Servers
Managing the World's Top Public Research University
Encouraging Women in Technology
The Future - Doing Everything in Software
Creating Future Technology Leaders
Considering VDI
Storage Industry Based on 125 Year Old Technology
Hackers Getting More Sophisticated
Advantages of Open Platform Technologies
Incorporating Recovery Assurance Into Backups
Are Analysts Short-Changing New Tech Companies?
What is Driving People to Software Defined Architecture?
Stop the Attack, Don't Just Report on it
Talking About Software Defined Datacenters
Flash in the Datacenter
The Innovator's Path

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August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton returns to San Francisco Bay Area, Washington Times (AP)

August 28,2014
Hillary Clinton talks NSA and privacy, data security, tech jobs in San Francisco, ZDNet by Rachael King

August 28, 2014
Clinton Says Her Heart Broke for Brown Family After Death, Bloomberg by Alison Vekshin

August 28, 2014
Clinton Says Her Heart Broke for Brown Family, Bloomberg TV

August 28, 2014
Clinton says frayed trust led to Ferguson violence, Associated Press (AP) by Haven Daley

August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton on Ferguson: 'We are better than that', San Francisco Chronicle by Carla Marinucci

August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton Cites Racial Inequities in First Ferguson Comments, Wall Street Journal by Peter Nicholas

August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton Tells Tech Execs Not Everyone Sharing in Industry Gains, Wall Street Journal VentureWire by Deborah Gage

August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton Talks Tech in San Francisco, Wall Street Journal by Rachael King

August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton: 'Our technology companies are not part of our government, InfoWorld by Stephen Lawson

August 28, 2014
VMWare Bridges Old-School and New-Gen at VMWorld 2014, eWeek by Chris Preimesberger

August 28, 2014
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, in San Francisco, Yahoo News/AP Photo by Noah Berger

August 28, 2014
Napolitano delivers clever message at Nexenta OpenSDx Summit, San Francisco Chronicle by Thomas Lee

August 28, 2014
Hillary Clinton: U.S. Government Needs To Rethink Surveillance Policies, CRN by Kevin McLaughlin

August 28, 2014
VMware CEO Gelsinger: VCE Joint Venture 'Has Knocked It Out Of The Park', CRN by Kevin McLaughlin

August 28, 2014
Nexenta's Breaking News #VMworld
SiliconANGLE by Alan McStravick

August 29. 2014
Term Sheet -- Friday, August 29, Fortune by Dan Primack

August 29, 2014
Dell Ventures Invests in Nexenta, VentureWire by Deborah Gage

August 29, 2014
Hillary Clinton: 'Our technology companies are not part of our government', IDG News Service/Computerworld YouTube channel by Melissa Aparicio

August 29, 2014
Nexenta explains the economics behind Software-Defined Storage, Storage Switzerland by Eric Slack

August 29, 2014
Nobody really noticed, but Hillary Clinton has made the boldest comments on Ferguson and race, The Washington Post by Nia-Malika Henderson

August 29, 2014
Hillary Clinton lauds tech innovation, calls for more gender and class inclusion, Silicon Valley Business Journal by Sarah Drake

August 31, 2014
Hillary Clinton Encourages IT Execs to Help Share the Wealth, eWeek by Chris Preimesberger

September 2, 2014
Hillary Clinton Talks Tech: 9 Facts, InformationWeek by Michael Endler


0730 – 0830 Registration and Breakfast All
0830 – 0855  Welcome
0855 – 0900 Opening Remarks 
0900 – 0925 Fireside Chat 
0925 – 0930 Introduction to SVEF  
0930 – 0955 Higher Educationn Today & Future
0955 – 1020 Views from SanDisk 
1020 – 1045 Views from Dell 
1045 – 1130 Executive Networking Break All
1130 – 1230 Keynote Address/Fireside Chat 
1230 – 1400 Executive Networking Lunch  All
1315 – 1330 Views from Supermicro
1330 – 1400 Lunch Keynote Address 
1400 – 1425 Views from Western Digital
1425 – 1510 CEO Panel ONE
1510 – 1540 Executive Networking Break All
1540 – 1625 CEO Panel TWO
1625 – 1650 Closing Keynote
1650 – 1700 Closing Remarks

Panel 1: Data Center, Cloud and Future

  • Praveen Akkiraju, CEO, VCE
  • Doug Murray, CEO, Big Switch Networks
  • Boris Renski, Founder, Mirantis
  • Randy Bias, CEO, Cloudscaling
  • Sam Greenblatt, CTO, Dell
  • Sheng Liang, CTO, Citrix
  • Tom Bradicich, VP, R&D, HP
  • Andy Schwabecher, SVP, Softbank
  • Chris Orlando, Co-Founder, ScaleMatrix
  • Sherrie Littlejohn, EVP, Wells Fargo

Panel 2: End User Computing, Cloud and Future

  • Maria Pinelli, Vice Chair, EY
  • Tom Andriola, CIO, UC System
  • Andrey Zhulenev, GM, VirtuaDesk, Wipro
  • JR Rivers, CEO, Cumulus Networks
  • Dan Cordingley, CEO, Teradici
  • Peter McKay, Americas COO, VMware
  • Jeff McNaught, CSO, Dell
  • Sinclair Schuller, CEO, Apprenda
  • Doug Soltesz, CIO, Budd Van Lines
  • Gunnar Berger, CTO, Citrix