Virtual NexentaStor Trial

One of the many deployment models of the NexentaStor solution is as a virtual storage appliance (VSA).  To make this even simpler and faster for our users, we have packaged NexentaStor as an OVF appliance.  To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. Complete your request for NexentaStor Trial, click here .  This will enable you to receive your license key and get any questions answered by a Nexenta Expert.

2. If you are familiar with VMware OVF Deployments it is as easy as this link,  Review Nexenta's easy to use process from our Blog or Video if you need some help.

3. Get started creating file systems and sharing with your users through NexentaFusion or Nexenta's vCenter Plugin

To learn more about NexentaStor and NexentaFusion visit the Product Guide, click here

For any questions or assistance, contact a Sales Expert via email or phone (855.639.3682).