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NexentaStor Utilities


Version: 1.0

Date: 12/13/2016, File Size: 2KB


NexentaStor vCenter Web Client Plugin - Windows Based

NexentaStor vCenter Web Client Plugin - Linux Based

NexentaStor OpenStack Drivers

Visit our Github repository for OpenStackCinder & Manila Drivers


Nexenta licensed features are included in every copy of NexentaStor and can be accessed by purchasing a license key. You can download NexentaStor above and use it for no charge during a 45 day trial period. You can request an extension of your Free Trial by sending a comment to Nexenta Sales.

Older versions

The NexentaStor VMware OVA Image runs unmodified on VMware’s hosted products, VMware Server for Windows and Linux. The current image is based on NexentaStor 3.1. NexentaStor 3.1 release notes are available in the links above. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to deploy NexentaStor, refer to the NexentaStor Installation Guide linked above.

VMware Image

Version: 3.1.5

File Size: 1.4GB, MD5: d6895b657e6049dd4156d1bd41e51c45


View Nexenta's VMware certification.

NexentaStor recommended system requirements

  • Note: Configurations intended for production deployments must be covered by Nexenta's Hardware Compatibility List. Please contact Nexenta Sales or Nexenta Authorized Reseller for more details.
  • 64-bit processor
  • 2GB RAM minimum for evaluation (recommend 4GB to 8GB), Production use 8GB minimum plus 1GB per 1TB raw disk space minimum (depending on use-case more may be highly desirable), or 2GB per 1TB raw for high-end performance deployments. If planning to use deduplication, please contact Nexenta Sales or Nexenta Support for sizing assistance.
  • Two identical relatively small disks for high-availability system folder.
  • Additional drives/storage for data volumes presented directly to the system software (no hardware RAID).