Deciding OpenStack Storage Options

OpenStack Storage Today

Enterprises and leading Telco’s building 5G clouds are moving to OpenStack to some of the world's largest and most scalable public clouds. These organizations are looking to OpenStack to be their cloud operating system that works within a datacenter, managing storage and more through their dashboard.

Nexenta’ software-defined storage (SDS) portfolio has been participated in OpenStack Storage projects since the early days, including Cinder (block storage), Manila (file storage) and Swift (object storage). Delivering the first commercially available open source-based block storage driver for Cinder, NexentaStor, full-featured SDS for enterprise applications, has remained on the cutting edge of OpenStack storage solutions.

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OpenStack Storage with NexentaEdge

NexentaEdge is genuinely purpose-built to work with OpenStack, providing both block and object access in a scale-out solution. As a product fully integrated with OpenStack, NexentaEdge provides custer-wide inline deduplication and compression, and instant VM image snapshots and clones with Cloud Copy on Write.

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Learn more about Nexenta’s OpenStack drivers here.

Nexenta works with OpenStack delivering seamless storage backup and restore capabilities for Nexenta customers to and from the most popular cloud storage providers, including OpenStack-based clouds.

RedHat OpenStack Platform

As part of the partnership, Nexenta has collaborated with Red Hat to achieve RedHat OpenStack certification.

By leveraging Nexenta's award-winning and market-leading enterprise-grade unified file and block storage solution, NexentaStor, enterprises and OpenStack-based 5G Telcos can now provide greater scalability, greater elasticity, and increased efficiency in today's data center.

Nexenta delivers a complete storage stack that provides the high performance, flexibility, and enhanced security often required by Red Hat OpenStack Platform implementations. The open source drivers for Nexenta products are part of the OpenStack integration testing framework, which validates Nexenta’s drivers on a continuous basis.

This certification has been tested and certified with the Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) to provide consistent storage services, performance, and compatibility. More on the certification here.