SDDC Helps Ease the Epidemic Crisis

Guest Speakers:

Eric Rife
Sales Engineer


Skip Snow
Senior Healthcare


Gil Vidals
Chief Executive


December 16, 2014 | 60 mins

Global health crises are making headlines daily and the medical industry’s ability to respond effectively depends on rapid access to data storage for archival and analysis. Data management has always been a healthcare challenge; today’s data stores are growing exponentially, and the requirement for responsiveness is accelerating.

Watch this presentation to hear from guest speaker and industry expert Skip Snow, of Forrester Research, on the big trends in healthcare data management and Eric Rife, subject matter expert from Nexenta, on the compelling Software-Defined Storage solutions to meet these requirements. VM Racks CEO, Gil Vidals, will continue the conversation by showcasing how SDS helps meet HIPAA compliance and healthcare’s unique requirements.

Attend to learn more about:

  • The unique challenges of data management in healthcare, the importance of communication across the continuum of care, and why infrastructure is key
  • Why storage is increasingly burdensome to healthcare organizations, how to drive down the complexity and cost of solutions, and the positive impact on response time
  • How Software-Defined Storage solutions help healthcare organizations get to solutions faster, with hardware that is easier to procure
  • Why HIPAA compliance hosting provider, VM Racks, chose SDS to support delivery of rapid, reliable, cloud-based healthcare solutions to its public sector customers

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