Join Nexenta & VMware for Key Insights into the Software-Defined Hyper-Convergence Story

Join Nexenta & VMware on November 19, at 8 AM PST or 5 PM CET for the complete software-defined hyper-convergence story.  Learn more about how Virtual SAN & file services fit in your environment, the Nexenta & VMware partnership, the opportunities associated with Software-Defined Storage offerings, and how your business can benefit.  

Michael Letschin
Michael Letschin
Director, Product
Solutions, Nexenta
  Rawlinson Rivera
Rawlinson Rivera
Sr. Technical
Marketing Architect
Nexenta   VMware

During this webinar, Rawlinson Rivera, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, and Michael Letschin, Director, Product Management, Solutions at Nexenta will discuss:

  • The simplified storage provisioning and management of VMware Virtual SAN’s high performance hypervisor-converged storage
  • The extension of VMware Virtual SAN to VMware EVO: RAIL, which combines compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy all-in-one solution
  • How NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN adds value by offering file services, snapshots, and self-service file recovery for VMware Virtual SAN
  • How Nexenta’s Software-Defined Storage solutions can serve a wide variety of workloads and business-critical situations