Increase Flexibility. Eliminate Lock-In. Reduce Storage Costs by 50%. 100% Software.

NexentaStor is our flagship Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform, allowing thousands of customers all around the world to transform their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility and agility, simplify management and dramatically reduce costs without compromising on availability, reliability or functionality.

NexentaStor delivers unified file and block storage services, runs on industry standard hardware, scales from tens of terabytes to petabyte configurations, and includes all data management functionality by default. NexentaStor is SDS with SMARTS: Security, Manageability, Availability, Reliability, (lower) TCO, and Scalability.


  • Enterprise class unified storage with SMARTS
  • Block and File services, scaling from 10’s of TB to PBs
  • Resilience and performance required for Cloud and Enterprise applications
  • Built-In comprehensive suite of data management functionality

Future Plans

  • Performance optimization on all SSD and hybrid configurations
  • All SSD reference architecture with high performance inline data reduction
  • Eliminate deployment friction (ecosystem integration, simplified tools, management, etc.)
  • New hardware support (12Gbps SAS, Intel Haswell, 16Gbps FC, etc.)

Competitive Advantages

  • Mature SDS product, proven at 1000’s of customer deployments
  • Advanced functionality that matches or beats competitive offering from big box vendors
  • Great performance, TCO and strong technology partners

Target Use Cases

  • Block and file storage for Enterprise Applications
  • High performance all flash, hybrid and all HDD storage for VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack and CloudStack
  • Large namespace and high performance file repositories for streaming applications

New in NexentaStor 4

NexentaStor 4 features