Legacy storage solutions are designed to present a fairly sequential load and a read / write ratio of about 80/20. The modern data center requires a flexible storage environment for combining applications, mobility solutions and virtual desktop infrastructures. Data patterns can shift from sequential to random, with read / write ratios of 50/50 or worse. Performance degrades, costs rise, and businesses suffer.

By simply adding a virtual machine, Nexenta's Full-Features SDS for Enterprise Applications, NexentaStor, provides an efficient means of getting both block storage already available from the HCI (or SAN) systems and the NAS features. to learn more about this, either visit the landing page or read our white paper NexentaStor Adds NAS Capabilities to Hyperconverged or Block Storage Systems


Nexenta® overcomes the limitations of conventional legacy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure storage solutions through:

  • Enhanced caching algorithms: Dramatically minimizing random IOPS and buffering write operations
  • Managing initial log-on boot storm issues through separate SSD caching of read / write operations
  • Accelerating desktop pool deployment: Inline compression of data, enhanced VMware storage integration and unlimited cloning capabilities
  • Business Continuity: Integrated local and remote snapshots and remote replication for full disaster recovery solutions of desktops and user data

Nexenta’s offerings effectively counter the high cost, poor performance, and high management complexity of traditional storage through the use of enhanced caching to reduce latency and increase write I/O capabilities for all the data center workloads. 


NexentaStor makes the perfect storage platform for server virtualization supporting the most popular hypervisors. It provides a platform for virtualizing critical applications without concern for performance, reliability, or scalability.

  • Application Integrity: True end-to-end data integrity through the use of the most robust and fault tolerant file system on the market today along with copy on write and checksum ensures highest level of reliability and data integrity
  • Manageability: Unified storage presentation allows for NexentaStor to provide both file and block presentation to the hypervisor of your choice
  • Scalability: Easily scale performance separate from capacity through the use of a hybrid file system approach, giving separate read and write caching capabilities
  • Business Continuity: Integrated solutions for replication between disparate locations as well as unlimited on and off site snapshots and clones
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Utilizing the same commodity hardware as the hypervisor in many cases results in lower cost, along with a file system designed to utilize high cost for high performance and low cost for large capacity