Partner Solutions

Nexenta places great emphasis on empowering our customers and partners with the ability to leverage leading hardware platforms on our flagship Software-Defined Storage (SDS) software platform, NexentaStor. NexentaStor enables thousands of customers all around the world to transform their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility and agility, simplify management, and dramatically reduce costs without compromising on availability, reliability, or functionality.

Nexenta works closely with select partners to deliver NexentaStor solutions in 3 different options:

Reference Architectrues (RA)
Reference Architectures consist of fixed sets of components within RA building blocks. RA building blocks are:

  • Controllers: x86 servers with specific CPU, memory, NICs, and HBAs
  • Storage enclosures: JBOD with specific HDDs and SSDs
  • NexentaStor software

Nexenta and our hardware technology partners collaborate to pre-certify NexentaStor software releases on each RA solution. In most cases, hardware technology partners offer consolidated SKUs for RA configurations to simplify ordering and selling of NexentaStor solutions. As a result, RAs typically provide the fastest path get started.

To view the complete set of NexentaStor Reference Architectures, visit the NexentaStor Product Page under “Resources” or click here.

Reference ArchitecturePlus (RA+)
Reference Architecture Plus is a targeted variation of a RA configuration and provides additional flexibility. This flexibility is limited to modifying specific attributes of RA building blocks. Specifically, RA+ allows variations in CPU, DRAM, NIC, SAS HBA, and FC HBA in controllers and enclosure count, HDDs, SSDs in storage enclosures. To learn more about RA+ options or to discuss a particular configuration, contact

Certified Solutions
Nexenta offers our partners, including our Nexenta Partner Program (NPP) community of resellers, the ability to offer solutions based on our customers’ needs by certifying a solution. The below solutions have completed this process for NexentaStor 4.x.

Partner Name Partner Solutions Region To Learn More
  • AberSAN Z22
  • AberSAN Z32
  • AberSAN Z42
  • AberSAN ZXP2
  • AberSAN ZXP3
  • AberSAN ZXP4
  • AberSAN Petarack2
  • AberSAN Petarack3
  • AberSAN Petarack4
  • AberSANZ23
  • AberSANZ33
  • AberSANZ43
Adcap Systems
  • Adcap SwiftStor C7000 series
  • SB1460
International Computer Concepts
  • Quanta S810-X52LR
  • Impex PowerStor-NXT
Penguin Computing
  • IceBreaker 4836
Pogo Storage
  • StorageDirector ZXR
  • EX424JS
Silicon Mechanics
  • Silicon Mechanics zStax 104 4U
  • Silicon Mechanics zStax 104 3U
  • Silicon Mechanics zStax 64
  • Silicon Mechanics zStax 94
  • NexentaStor Unified Storage RI2212
  • Q-3560
  • Q-HA356

Notes: Certified Solutions are specific to NexentaStor major releases. For example, a Certified Solution for NexentaStor 3.1.x does not automatically carry forward to NexentaStor 4.0.x and will need to get re-certified.

NPP resellers looking to certify solutions should visit the Nexenta Partner Program Guide (on the Nexenta Partner Portal) for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact